The Alternative Guide to Liverpool, UK


 So you’ve already strolled around the Albert Dock, learnt the Scouse history in the museums, splurged on that perfect purchase in L1, been to a footie match (red or blue?) and are now wondering, what else is left to do?

 This is by no way the complete guide to every single bar and restaurant in Liverpool, but this is a list of the handful of list places I have returned to again and again. After crashing in Liverpool a little longer than I expected the places in this post really made my stay a lot sweeter, so grab a pen or your phone and get ready to let the city unfold in front of you.


Breakfast (here also known as ‘brekkie’… also make note, lunch is ‘dinner’, and dinner is ‘tea’)

Moose Coffee – 6 Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 4TQ / 157A College Road, Liverpool, L23 3AS

If you’re going to do one thing on the list, I implore you to go to Moose. Piles of fluffy pancakes and lashings of everything else delicious to eat for breakfast, in a American-Canadian style. Favourite haunt of actor Tom Hardy when he’s in town, there’s a queue out the door on most weekends, but once inside you’ll see why.

Bagelry – 42 Nelson Street, Liverpool, L1 5DN

Which serves… you guessed it… bagels. This gorgeous little cafe nested in Chinatown is so unique, and stocks multiple flavours of daily freshly made bagels, such as jalapeno, cheese, onion, poppy seed, sesame seed, rye, (even rainbow!) alongside delicious toppings such as homemade baked beans or cinnamon cream cheese. Best bagels in the North.

Shiraz Palace – 45 Ranelagh Street, Liverpool, L1 1JR

You’ll spot this place a mile off, it glows sky-blue in a sea of grey buildings. This restaurant does one of the best fry-ups (very large and for a cheap price!) and Mediterranean breakfasts in the city, along with a full menu bursting of delectable meals if you fancy staying for lunch too.

Post noon eats (anything from brunch, lunch, dinner, tea and the bits in between)

Nolita Cantina – 81A Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HF

Two words, MIND BLOWING. American style menu based on stacked burgers, pressed sandwiches, and most recently has added loaded brunch bagels to the menu. State-side starters of Hush Puppies, Burnt Ends (which are making me drool as I type), Baby Corn Dogs and more. If it was socially acceptable to eat every meal here, I would.

Down the Hatch – Basement, 62 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AA

A predominantly vegan restaurant, but don’t let the V word put you off. This joint is a junk food haven where vegans and vegetarians thrive, and trust me, you won’t even come close to missing meat. Revolution in eating, totally one of a kind.

Baltic Bake House – 46 Bridgewater Street, Liverpool, L1 0AY

This is an award winning bakery is a baked treats candy land. Baked daily in store all sorts of goodies such as cronuts, croissants, varieties of delicious sourdough – the yummy treats change day to day. Also home of the Ultimate Cheese Toastie, as seen in the above pictures (not for the fainthearted). 

Big Bowl Noodle – 54 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ 

This is the place I’ve eaten at the most in Liverpool. Its Chinese food, but it’s a lot more than that; SO tasty, SO cheap and you get SO much food (it’s not called Big bowl for nothing!). Definitely my comfort food, and best Chinese in Liverpool.

Day-time (once you’ve sufficiently gorged yourself on breakfast)

Sefton Park Palm House 

The palm house is truly gorgeous Victorian architecture. Now home to hundreds of tropical plants that tangle and weave around you. The palm house hosts plenty of events such as Gin Parties, yoga, dancing and movie nights in its enchanting surroundings.

Crosby Beach

Taking a 20 minute train out of the city (my fav part of beach is Freshfields) and to the coastline, really helps you decompress from city life. Beautiful landscapes, dunes and golden sand – perfect for a refreshing stroll, or fish and chip pick me up.

Dranks and Cocktails (heading back into the city)

Buyers Club

Love Thy Neighbour – 108-110 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY

This place is like that preppy girl on instagram who every loves. It’s not only aesthetically appealing, there’s a large variety of drinks such as a rhubarb gin (my personal fav), a salted caramel cocktail and a charcoal latte.

Cafe Tabac – 126 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4JA

A few stumbles away from the above, if Love Thy Neighbour is the preppy girl, Cafe Tabac is the edgy, cool, art girl every wants to know. Easy to walk past at the top of Bold Street, but DON’T. Serving some of the best espresso martinis in the city, all staff in here are super friendly and down for a chat.

Frederiks – 32 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BX

This is Liverpool’s swanky jazz bar, showcasing local jazz musicians in their Pill Box at the back of the bar every Tuesday. Every other day of the week it’s a beautiful bar, that even comes with a fancy fireplace, for the perfect red wine and chill. I love the gin bowls here, and the bar has a great selection of prime beers.

Buyers Club – 24 Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AX

This place seriously knows their drinks, all set inside a long stylish bar and large outdoor sitting area. Menu of fine wines and a choice selection of spirits, once you have your selected drink, the bar offers deli boards that have been painstakingly crafted together to accompany.


Buyers Club


Bongo’s Bingo – 67 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BY

The best night out I’ve had in Liverpool. Don’t let the word ‘bingo’ trick you into thinking of your older relatives; it’s been reinvented for the younger generation. It’s loud, it’s boozy and it’s so much fun. There’s chance to win all sorts of prizes, ranging from a giant unicorn toys to £600 to a box of cereal – MAKE IT RAIN.

Maguires – 77 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 2SJ

Best place to watch local young talented punk/rock/metal bands and everything in between. The venue is raw and full of amazing like minded people. Unfortunately this place is set to be closed by the end of the year, so get down while you can.

24 Kitchen Street – 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool, L1 0AN

Located in the Baltic Triangle, an up and coming area of Liverpool, which is a 10 minute walk from the center. This space shows anything from Alt DJ sets, psychedelic boogie raves, techno, small live intimate gigs, garden parties and more, all hosted under a giant disco ball.

Go out and enjoy !


 Hungry in the wee hours and hotel mini bar not looking too appetising? Let me direct you to Nazby’s – located on Leece Street, this is the final word in beautiful, greasy takeaways, chips sprinkled in red rock salt and fried chicken to die for. Closes at 4am. 



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