London – Brunch and Borough Market

The Ivy – Blackheath, London

After a late night in London this was our first stop in the morning, situated on Black Heath Green it is the perfect spot for a lazy brunch, decor similar to being inside your rich old grandma’s living room. We sampled the kippers with parsley butter (which were fantastic), the avocado toast and pomegranate, eggs Benedict and the full vegetarian breakfast. Nourishing fuel for the full day we had ahead of us.

Borough Market, London

Suggested to me by our London hosts, Borough Market is a short 5 minute walk from London Bridge. Surprisingly, I’ve never visited the market before, and was thoroughly tantalised by everything it had to offer. We did a circle of the whole market before deciding on which foods we were going to gorge ourselves on, which I advise.

Each stall is so unique; doughnuts bursting at the seams with jam, custard and cream, beautiful fresh Indian street-food, chewy sourdough, melt-in-your-mouth focaccia, a variety of seafood from all corners of the globe, beautiful rare vegetables and spices, large black truffles and so SO much more. My inner chef was secretly dying inside, knowing I wouldn’t be able to buy and create stunning dishes any of the ingredients as one; I gave up my flat the day before, and two; I had to be at Gatwick Airport for 6pm.


The lap of the market had my stomach ready to devour everything in sight, starting with a frankfurter hotdog, lashed with mustard and sauerkraut for that beautiful tangy taste. The stall also sold bratwurst, for your smokey, salty sausage fix.

My main meal of choice was the Indian chickpea dosa, which I could already tell was good – this stall had the biggest queue. I watched it being created on a hot pan in front of me. I was totally unprepared for the most amazing flavours, spices and textures – my taste buds were worshipping this dosa. So good, I immediately shared a picture of it on whatsapp with my family and friends.

Next we stopped at a seafood stall, which sold oysters, sea urchins and mussels from parts of the English and French coasts, even some from as far as Russia. The queue moved slowly as each shell was cracked open by hand then and there, and served on a small tray. Once down the line, there was a choice of Tabasco, lemon or lime juice, and salt to help you slurp down the deep sea delights.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent sampling little bits from every stall – my favourite being the sophisticated flavour of the black truffle. We even saw a Argentinian street food stall but decided to wait until we were actually there the next morning, for the real deal.   

The reason I advise you to hold off eating until you’re 100% sure what you want to eat is, on our way back we passed the vegan burger stall Big V London which looked immense (photo below), and not to mention… the most instagrammable burger I’ve seen for a while ;). I left slightly wishing I lived in London, so I could eat this food everyday.


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