Hi there! I’m Alice ‘Lulu’ Leppard and I’m a travel blogger.

The Wandering Leppard is for the people who want to indulge in my travels and escape life to my corner of the world. I love to recount my stories and tips so you are able to live vicariously through me, and perhaps… even inspire you to go out and travel too!

I’m a M-A-J-O-R foodie and amateur chef, looking to expand my European palette and spicing it up with some Latin flavour 2018/19 – my blog mini series Leppard Bites is a place where I plan to share my food reviews, discoveries and recipes with you all.

My life motto is; if it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it.

I’m 25, and I feel like it is a weird age where a lot of my peers are settling down into mortgages, many are in jobs they hate to pay the bills, and a handful are having babies (which confused the hell out of me, because aren’t we all still babies!?!). There was a study recently, were they found young adults stay ‘teenagers’ now until they’re 24… which means I’m just 6 months into my real adult life. Now there’s nothing wrong with any of the scenarios above, but none of them appeal much to me.

I am originally from Southampton on the South coast of England, I studied in Manchester and have currently been living in Liverpool, UK for the last 3 and a half years and since then I’ve been working in monotonous office jobs that make my inner creative die on a daily basis! I had the best time of my life pre-Liverpool where I travelled America and Canada solo, and worked in Big Bear Lake, California where I met the most interesting and amazing people… and I have been desperate to get back out in the world travelling since!
The original plan was to be back in the UK for 6-12 months while I saved up to go again, but multiple relentless personal problems kept coming up, so eventually, THREE AND A HALF YEAAARS later, my savings are full and I am beyond ready to be a world traveller!

Will you come on my travels with me?